Monday, April 7

Spring Hair!

Well springtime is finally here and that means only one thing, for me anyway, new hair!! Every so often I get this deep urge to just scrap my current style and start over and so after flicking through magazines and looking online at all the beautiful celebrities I thought I would do a hair blog on the colours I, and the celebrities are, loving this season!
April payday will see me have a transformation but in the meantime soaking up inspiration will be my main goal!
I believe our bodies are canvases and we should make them beautiful anyway we want to, hair style/colour, tattoos/piercings, clothes, jewellery.  I love that everyone is unique, I think that is what makes the world go round. 
So watch this space because hopefully (if I pluck up the courage) I will have a big transformation come the end of April!! Woohoo.  But in the meantime I will let you lust over my most loved styles this season!
Can't wait to hear what colours/trends/styles you are loving with hair this season!! Would love to see pictures of my readers and their gorgeous styles!
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