Sunday, March 30

Spring Coat Love

Well spring is finally upon us, my car temperate guide is screaming 19 degrees and I'm loving it, finally my jumpers, scarves, gloves and heavy winter coats can make way for mini skirts, plimsoles and strappy cami's.  And to celebrate this I treated myself to a spring boyfriend coat. I've been crushing on these all winter, but I'm not usually a fan of extreme loose fitting items as I feel they amaze me look fat, I'm not a girl that can look skinny in boyfriend style clothes, I just look fat lol.

I ordered this gorgeous coat from . It's in the style of Jess Wright from TOWIE and at only £35 it was a must have.


Two days later it arrived and the parcel was ripped open and it was put on immediately.

It's a really light coat but kept me surprisingly warm. It's a gorgeous peachy pink colour with a multi colour stitching effect. I know this coat is going to be a sell out, it's the perfect addition to anyone's spring wardrobe. It comes in two sizes, small/medium and medium/large.  I got the small/medium and it fits me perfectly and I'm a size 10.

Coat -
Vest top - river island
Jeans -new look
Plimsoles - primark 

I hope you love this coat as much as I do vanillabeans xoxo 

Friday, March 28

Metallics are trending

When I attended London Fashion Weekend , I went to the trend catwalk show and one must have trend was metallics. I always thought metallics were a little too dressy but with a bit of tweaking of outfits I've managed to make my metallic item work casually and at party time!!

I purchased the gorgeous Missguided Kitty Metallic Mini Skater Skirt in rose gold for £1.99 on the brilliant eBay......eBay is always worth a look before purchasing something full price, once you've bought something and had it on once the price will just keep on depreciating so why not get yourself a bargain rather than always selling your items at bargain prices!!

To keep the skirt casual I teamed with my simple Primark white shirt and white Primark plimsoles. The outfit kept me looking glam but with a casual edge.

To transform it to an outfit fit for the party scene I simple changed into my stunning Paris Hilton Nude Platform Heels.

I would definitely recommend  a metallic piece this season, whether it's a skirt or top or jacket, metallic is definitely a must have that you need to be seen in. This skirt is still available on Missguided's website for approximate £4.49.
I hope you love trending metallics as much as I do!  Enjoy vanillabeans xoxo

Saturday, March 22

Bowler Love

I'm in love with hats. I would probably wear a lot more if the wind would get lost and not rip them off my head, but on yet another shopping trip I could not resist this light blue bowler hat in River Island for £15.00.

I find that I suit some hats and not others, I can't wear beanie hats, they just "ain't my bag baby" as Austin Powers would say! I think it's important to find your hat style, do this by trying lots on and do it with a friend or boyfriend/girlfriend so that you get an honest opinion about what suits you and what doesn't. I suit hats that sit off my face so bowlers are great because I can sit them back a bit, and I always find my hats look better on me when I have a bit more volume in my hair, or a bit of a curl. 

I love the colour of my light blue bowler, it's falling into the pastel trend tick box and will be great to wear all year round, casual with some jeans or would add an edge to a going out outfit. These hats are available in a few different colours online (cream, black, light pink and of course the light blue), in my local store there was only the light blue available.

I've attached the link for the bowler incase I have persuaded you to buy or browse for the other colours, there are some wool material bowlers, currently in the sale making way for the colourful summer bowlers, so get grabbing a bargain!

Happy shopping vanillabeans xoxo

Friday, March 21

Nucerity: Skincerity Review

Well a few weeks ago I got sent a gorgeous skin are product by NuCerity called Skincerity, Nightly Breathable Masque.  The mask is used to tone and tighten skin along with helping to reduce lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores and redness of the skin. This miracle option also helps dry and damaged skin, so perfect for those beauty queens that abuse the sun beds!

Acetone, Flouropolymer, Acrylic polymer, Tocopherol Acetate (Vitamin E), Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Oil, Fragrance.

The review:
I applied this last night to my freshly cleansed face. You simply use the bottle like a roll on deodorant and apply all over your face (can be applied to any area needing repaired though such as arms, chest etc), be careful near your eyes.  
             Fresh Face                              Application
When applying the smell does overpower you a bit, it isn't unpleasant though, it just smells like nail polish remover, and this is due to it containing Acetone, but this disappeared in seconds!  Within a minute my face was feeling wonderfully tight, barely able to move my mouth my boyfriend found this hilarious. But all I knew is that it felt like it was working.
    Finished face (you can see the shine from the masque)

When I woke up this morning the masque had dried and it was easy to start peeling off, I removed most of it with warm water and a face cloth. My skin was so soft and smooth underneath.  So I have vowed to keep this part of my daily skin are routine and will apply it every night.

Overall I give this product 8/10 only because 1. The acetone smell. 2. I need to keep it up to see the results.

If you wish to try this amazing product for yourself click on the link:

Wednesday, March 12

Review: Illegal Length Fibre Extensions Mascara

Well the bargainista strikes again! I found this gorgeous product on sale and you know me, if it's on sale I've gotta have it!!

The Maybelline Illegal Length Fibre Extensions Mascara is instant lash extension effect in a tube, it uses 4mm fibres to attach to your own lashes to create this effect. The specially designed fibre fix brush "reaches each lash from a different angle for optimal fibre placement and the sealing formula visibly stretches lash appearance".

I removed my normal mascara today using a facial wipe to reveal my natural lashes so I had a blank canvas to work on.

The packaging said that I should not let the mascara dry between coats, so I applied to one set of lashes and then the next, I repeated this a further two times. It was really easy to apply and when I got some on my eyelids it was easily removed with a facial wipe, no need to really scrub, I'm a bit of easy mascara applier lol!  The results are below:

Opinion: I really like this mascara, I did find it clumped my lashes slightly but simply using an eyelash comb I think would solve this issue, plus my eyelashes are slightly wrecked from when I pulled off my false individual lashes - a tip to you all use some cotton wool and baby oil to do this, do not get tempted the morning after the night before to just rip these off when lying in bed with bf and a few are falling out lol! I think my lashes look a lot fuller and longer after applying the mascara and I'm sure teamed with some individual lashes I would be party ready.

Overall: 8/10 for this quick false lash effect fix!
Can be bought from a variety of retailers from approx. £4.49 upwards.

Sunday, March 9

The Tan That's Making Me Glam!!

So after feeling like rubbish the past week or so I decided that the other thing that makes me happy, besides shopping, is tanning! I came across a new tan whilst doing my Tescos food shop a couple of weeks ago called Paradise Miracle Tan Lotion. Priced at £5.99 I thought "ach why not,".

I tried this tan for the first time on Friday night and when first applying I was a little scared. I usually use mousse tans and have become quite use to the dark chocolate brown colour that goes onto my skin to be washed off the next day to leave a medium bronzed tan. This tan went on and almost disappeared, it's a caramel colour lotion, I usually like the dark colour when I apply because it gives me a guide to where I've applied so I'm not patchy. So on Friday because of the "fright" I thought I would just tan my legs incase I was a patchy and streaky mess.  To my delight on Saturday morning I was the opposite, I was a sunkissed glowing goddess!! I could see the colour difference between my legs and my big behind! I was completely steak free, unusual for me and even more unusual for my legs which don't ever seem to take tan well for some bizarre reason.

So this morning I decided to continue tanning the rest of my body so I was even and not multi-tonal. It doesn't have an overbearing tan smell, of course it has a smell but it's nothing major and noticeable.  It went on really easily and my skin felt really soft and moisturised, I also had a glistening shimmer of glitter all over my body which I love! I hate when you feel like a mess when you've fake tanned because your sticky and a bit patchy until the colour has been absorbed and you are even. There was a little bit of stickiness with this tan but it was more like the stickiness you get after all over body buttering, not a horrible uncomfortable stickiness.  I've been able to go about today feeling great, not sticking to my clothes!

Overall I give this tan a 9/10. I'm just still getting use to tanning with a lotion and not a mousse so the subtle colour when applying does throw me off a little.

I would recommend everybody to give this a try, at £5.99 it's not going to break the bank.  The colour is a nice sun kissed glow which can be made darker by applying over subsequent days, this is definitely a great tan to get ready for the upcoming spring and summer.
 I left my hand un-tanned so you could see difference

Hope you like it as much as I do vanillabeans xoxo

Friday, March 7

I do love a kimono!!

Just a small blog post today, sorry I've been a bit quiet but I've been slowly dying in my bed with a cold!! But online shopping has proven to be a good cure!!

I've always wanted a kimono, chic and loose and perfect with jeans and a vest top and statement jewellery for summer, so I decided this pay day I would treat myself.  I'm really loving New Look at the moment, it's a high street retailer that has come on leaps and bounds and I can always rely on, so my New Look wish list has been steadily growing and I put in it this gorgeous floral kimono that was £19.99.

Few days later I went to buy the kimono and guess what £7.99 off!! Love a bargain! So that was bought right away and arrived today! Unfortunately it's now sold out in the purple but is available in blue and white and a navy and red option at £19.99, I've posted links below for the two available options and a picture of the one I bought!!

                                                 The Kimono I chose at a bargain £12.00

Blue and white:

Navy and red:

Monday, March 3

Competition Time!!

Style Loft Competition
Hi guys! Well I thought I would do a little competition for my gorgeous blog readers! This competition is being brought to you not only by me but by the wonderful online retailer The Style Loft!
The Style Loft were so generous and sent me four gorgeous items to blog about and I thought it would be greedy to keep these items to myself, so I am giving one lucky reader the chance to win one thing from the items below! Now the items sent to me were to fit a size 10 so I know this restricts things a little but every item have tags on and are in perfect condition so if you're not a size 10-ish, just bear in mind your best friends, your sister, your cousin............your mum! You can select any item and you don't even have to pay postage!!
All you have to do is choose the item from below that you would love to win, visit the website, find out how much it is and then email me with your NAME, CHOSEN OUTFIT and THE PRICE!  I will keep all entries until Thursday 6th March at 10pm and then I will select a winner at random and email them on Friday 7th March!  Its as easy as that!! 
But don't restrict yourself to winning a freebie!! Check out this websites other great items! And more stock is on its way to the website!! 
So here are the items:
Website link is at the top of this post.  My email address is
Competition is open until Thursday 6th March at 10pm
Competition only open to UK residents only (sorry)
All I need is you to email your name, item of choice and the price of the item (no need for personal details, I will get the address from winner only)
Good Luck Vanillabeans