Saturday, March 22

Bowler Love

I'm in love with hats. I would probably wear a lot more if the wind would get lost and not rip them off my head, but on yet another shopping trip I could not resist this light blue bowler hat in River Island for £15.00.

I find that I suit some hats and not others, I can't wear beanie hats, they just "ain't my bag baby" as Austin Powers would say! I think it's important to find your hat style, do this by trying lots on and do it with a friend or boyfriend/girlfriend so that you get an honest opinion about what suits you and what doesn't. I suit hats that sit off my face so bowlers are great because I can sit them back a bit, and I always find my hats look better on me when I have a bit more volume in my hair, or a bit of a curl. 

I love the colour of my light blue bowler, it's falling into the pastel trend tick box and will be great to wear all year round, casual with some jeans or would add an edge to a going out outfit. These hats are available in a few different colours online (cream, black, light pink and of course the light blue), in my local store there was only the light blue available.

I've attached the link for the bowler incase I have persuaded you to buy or browse for the other colours, there are some wool material bowlers, currently in the sale making way for the colourful summer bowlers, so get grabbing a bargain!

Happy shopping vanillabeans xoxo

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