Sunday, March 9

The Tan That's Making Me Glam!!

So after feeling like rubbish the past week or so I decided that the other thing that makes me happy, besides shopping, is tanning! I came across a new tan whilst doing my Tescos food shop a couple of weeks ago called Paradise Miracle Tan Lotion. Priced at £5.99 I thought "ach why not,".

I tried this tan for the first time on Friday night and when first applying I was a little scared. I usually use mousse tans and have become quite use to the dark chocolate brown colour that goes onto my skin to be washed off the next day to leave a medium bronzed tan. This tan went on and almost disappeared, it's a caramel colour lotion, I usually like the dark colour when I apply because it gives me a guide to where I've applied so I'm not patchy. So on Friday because of the "fright" I thought I would just tan my legs incase I was a patchy and streaky mess.  To my delight on Saturday morning I was the opposite, I was a sunkissed glowing goddess!! I could see the colour difference between my legs and my big behind! I was completely steak free, unusual for me and even more unusual for my legs which don't ever seem to take tan well for some bizarre reason.

So this morning I decided to continue tanning the rest of my body so I was even and not multi-tonal. It doesn't have an overbearing tan smell, of course it has a smell but it's nothing major and noticeable.  It went on really easily and my skin felt really soft and moisturised, I also had a glistening shimmer of glitter all over my body which I love! I hate when you feel like a mess when you've fake tanned because your sticky and a bit patchy until the colour has been absorbed and you are even. There was a little bit of stickiness with this tan but it was more like the stickiness you get after all over body buttering, not a horrible uncomfortable stickiness.  I've been able to go about today feeling great, not sticking to my clothes!

Overall I give this tan a 9/10. I'm just still getting use to tanning with a lotion and not a mousse so the subtle colour when applying does throw me off a little.

I would recommend everybody to give this a try, at £5.99 it's not going to break the bank.  The colour is a nice sun kissed glow which can be made darker by applying over subsequent days, this is definitely a great tan to get ready for the upcoming spring and summer.
 I left my hand un-tanned so you could see difference

Hope you like it as much as I do vanillabeans xoxo

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