Friday, January 31

Wish? Want?......Well Have It!!

It's such a shame when your wardrobe is that bulging that you have to say bye bye to your outfits. But I didn't want them going to some unloved home so I thought to myself why don't I give my blog followers the chance to buy these pieces at rock bottom prices!!!

So all the pieces below are for sale and all you have to do is email me at if you want something.  All my clothes are size UK10 unless stated and all shoes are size  UK 6 unless stated. So get looking and get emailing!! This post will also be going up on my Facebook page (slice of vanilla) and my twitter account (sliceofvanilla1) so be quick in order to bag yourself a bargain.........ready set go fashionistas!!!
1. black and coral size 6 heels.  2. coral and nude pearl size 6 heels.  3. sequin heels size 5 (perfect match for misguided playsuit)  4. high waisted green shorts size 10.  5. misguided sequin playsuit size 10.  6. sequin peplum top size 10.  7. red top size 10.  8. flower palazzo trousers size 8-10.  9. monochrome maxi dress size 10.   10. Missguided crop top size 10.  11. Jack Zack blue dress (please note mine differs by having mid sleeves) size 10.  12. Flower peplum top size 10.  13.  Missguided deer top size 10.  14.  Aztec bodycon dress size 8 (but would fit a 10).  15. Coral beach cover up new with tags!!) size medium (would fit 8-12)

Thursday, January 30

Me Vs Brush - A Tangled Affair

Well I recently went from "Bitter Sweet Chocolate", aka jet black!!, to highlighted blonde/brown and dear god has it taken its toll on my hair!! I used to dread washing my hair only because afterwards I knew I would have to drag a brush through it in order to style it!! I had a full on birds nest and this was after using all the smoothing and detangling products I could lay my hands on!!

For my Christmas my other half gave me a "Boots" voucher and so I decided that instead of treating myself to a gorgeous new scent or fantastic "It can do everything" styling gadget I would try one last shampoo and conditioner to sort out my hair...............and boy am I glad I did! 

I stumbled across "Mark Hill's Colour Blast" range and it is amazing!!! Ok so at first I was only drawn to colourful cheetah print but after reading the usual selling schpeel about how this product will do wonders for your hair and the all important sniffing test I decided to give it a shot!  First time using the shampoo and conditioner my hair was already manageable!! I got out the shower and didn't cry brushing my hair into its parting!! It was silky and smooth when blow-drying and smelt amazing!  You really do have to try this shampoo and conditioner............if anything it funks up your bathroom with its design!!  This is available at all good beauty retailers!

Lather, rinse,'ll be glad you did!

For The Love Of Tartan

Well as a Scottish girl who has recently moved down to England-town I needed something to re-affirm my scottishness and so Delicious Dresses came to my rescue with this gorgeous tartan midi dress which was priced at £20.00.  I knew I had to have it! And it did not disappoint! The gorgeous dress clings to my figure to show off my curves and I have had nothing but compliments everytime I've worn it! Robert Burns Day was on 25th January and so it made a special appearance just in his honour!
This dress can be such an everyday piece.  I've worn it with black tights and pumps for a great traipsing round the shops look and glammed up with sequin ankle boots. 
Delicious dresses is my favourite "celeb trend" website at the moment.  I can get the latest fashion at a fraction of the price and not be worried that I am going to bump into a million girls wearing the same outfit.  I love a bit of individuality.  Delicious Dresses takes away the fear that you will turn up to a night out and 4 of your friends will be wearing the same generic store outfit.  They have a facebook page which is brilliant because as soon as they post a picture of an outfit I like all I have to do is comment and say I want it and its reserved!! You cannot beat service like that!  I have enclosed links so that you can check out their amazing range, they stock styles of celebrities from the Kardashians to the TOWIE girls to Rihanna!

Tuesday, January 28

Passion for Pastels!

OMG the first blog entry and what better way to start it than to declare my absolute love for pastels!!  As a girl with creamy skin.................ok I'm as pale as a milk bottle unless I have tan on................pastels are perfect for me, pastels are such a great colour for either pale skin or fashionistas with a slight golden glow. 
Embracing pastels doesn't mean that you have to hit the shops/online and add 50 million pastel dresses and tops to your "trolley", bags and jewellery are one of my favourite ways to incorporate pastels into my already bulging wardrobe!  But of course being the crazy impulse buyer I am as soon as I heard pastels were a must have I bought a dress and a skirt! is one of my favourite online retailers at the moment! I love that they cater for all, grunge, girly girl, sex on legs, quirky! 
I have put up pictures of my two purchases.  The first is the gorgeous Bonitta Origami Mini Dress In Lilac at £24.99.  It is even more stunning on than I could have imagined! A really versatile piece, wear with sultry glowing legs for a night out with the girls or team up with tights and collar piece for sophisticated lunch glamour with the folks!
The second is the equally stunning and slightly more risqué Mircia PVC Midi Skirt In Pink at £19.99.  Although at first I was nervous about purchasing PVC in case I was carted off to a underground dominatrix dungeon, the soft pastel pink makes this acceptable for everyday wear.  Pair to with a simple top for everyday glam or equally sexy crop to make everyone stand up and take notice on a night out!