Thursday, January 30

Me Vs Brush - A Tangled Affair

Well I recently went from "Bitter Sweet Chocolate", aka jet black!!, to highlighted blonde/brown and dear god has it taken its toll on my hair!! I used to dread washing my hair only because afterwards I knew I would have to drag a brush through it in order to style it!! I had a full on birds nest and this was after using all the smoothing and detangling products I could lay my hands on!!

For my Christmas my other half gave me a "Boots" voucher and so I decided that instead of treating myself to a gorgeous new scent or fantastic "It can do everything" styling gadget I would try one last shampoo and conditioner to sort out my hair...............and boy am I glad I did! 

I stumbled across "Mark Hill's Colour Blast" range and it is amazing!!! Ok so at first I was only drawn to colourful cheetah print but after reading the usual selling schpeel about how this product will do wonders for your hair and the all important sniffing test I decided to give it a shot!  First time using the shampoo and conditioner my hair was already manageable!! I got out the shower and didn't cry brushing my hair into its parting!! It was silky and smooth when blow-drying and smelt amazing!  You really do have to try this shampoo and conditioner............if anything it funks up your bathroom with its design!!  This is available at all good beauty retailers!

Lather, rinse,'ll be glad you did!

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