Tuesday, January 28

Passion for Pastels!

OMG the first blog entry and what better way to start it than to declare my absolute love for pastels!!  As a girl with creamy skin.................ok I'm as pale as a milk bottle unless I have tan on................pastels are perfect for me, pastels are such a great colour for either pale skin or fashionistas with a slight golden glow. 
Embracing pastels doesn't mean that you have to hit the shops/online and add 50 million pastel dresses and tops to your "trolley", bags and jewellery are one of my favourite ways to incorporate pastels into my already bulging wardrobe!  But of course being the crazy impulse buyer I am as soon as I heard pastels were a must have I bought a dress and a skirt!  Missguided.co.uk is one of my favourite online retailers at the moment! I love that they cater for all, grunge, girly girl, sex on legs, quirky! 
I have put up pictures of my two purchases.  The first is the gorgeous Bonitta Origami Mini Dress In Lilac at £24.99.  It is even more stunning on than I could have imagined! A really versatile piece, wear with sultry glowing legs for a night out with the girls or team up with tights and collar piece for sophisticated lunch glamour with the folks!
The second is the equally stunning and slightly more risqué Mircia PVC Midi Skirt In Pink at £19.99.  Although at first I was nervous about purchasing PVC in case I was carted off to a underground dominatrix dungeon, the soft pastel pink makes this acceptable for everyday wear.  Pair to with a simple top for everyday glam or equally sexy crop to make everyone stand up and take notice on a night out!


  1. That PVC skirt! Seen it on a few bloggers it's amazing xx

  2. It is a total must have!! Are u attending London fashion weekend noticed u are from London and a fellow blogger.

    Slice of vanilla xx