Friday, February 28

Payday Treats......Well Some Of Them

Feels like ages since I posted a blog, unfortunately the kiddies have been keeping me busy, but on Wednesday it was payday so I thought I would show you the first of my buys! I will also do a YouTube post so you can see the items "in the flesh" so keep an eye on my twitter (sliceofvanilla1) for the link!! I will also be running a competition shortly so keep your eyes peeled!!

All of my clothes are from Missguided.  I do love a Missguided spending spree when payday arrives!! I bought two skirts, a jumper and a Bardot style bodysuit. I love the skirts because I can wear them to work when I return as well. The pastel purple skirt is great because it incorporates two trends, pastels and sports luxe. The white stripe down the side of the skirt really adds a sports feel to it, it takes you back to the days where people counted how many stripes were on your track suit to see how much money you had lol! But gone are the days of two or three stripes, one is all you need now!!  I also bought a gorgeous lilac cropped jumper, I'm loving lilac at moment, even my nails are lilac! and a classic Bardot bodysuit will be great for summer time or to glam up a skirt!

  Lerine Midi Skirt £12.99                        Virgilla Mesh Midi Skirt £14.99

Berte Cropped Jumper £16.99                 Dominica Bardot Bodysuit £6.49

I also bought myself a couple of cosmetic goodies, I had been reading about Maybelline's Better Skin foundation and I had a test of this at LFWE so I decided to buy some in Light Beige, its so easy to apply and suits my skin colour perfectly.  I also bought a new Rimmel Blusher in colour 010 Santa Rose, I found my bright pink one to be a little OTT for the days I just wanted a subtle glow, its a bronze/orange tinted colour, which I feel suits my skin tone a lot better that a bright pink, it also helps to contour my face.  I bought both from Tescos.  But can be bought from any cosmetic retailer, Boots, Superdrug etc. 
  Maybelline Better Skin £8.99                     Rimmel Santa Rose blusher £3.99
 (variety of shades available)

The last thing from this payday spending spree was a new fake tan! Everyone knows I'm a huge fan of Along Came Betty tan from Tescos, but I haven't been able to get my hands on it for 2 months! So whilst browsing the shelves I came along Paradise Miracle Tan which has been exclusively designed for Tescos.  Its priced at £5.99.  I've yet to use this but will do a review on it when I do at the weekend.  It's a gradual tan lotion that's meant to give you an all year round we will see if it does! (Only available in store)

Paradise Miracle Tan Lotion £5.99

Getting Spending Vanillabeans!

Tuesday, February 25

Remington Pearl Wand

Hi guys, well after seeing another beauty bloggers YouTube video I dashed out to my local tescos to pick up the amazing Remington Pearl Wand! I knew it was meant to be by the £15 off sign that Tescos were parading in front of me, and the fact that there was only one left on the shelf was also another pretty big sign!!

I used the wand first thing this morning and it did not disappoint!! It was so easy to use, 30 second heat up time and I protected my "wrapping around hand" with the glove that came with it.  After blow drying and spraying on Label M protein spray I parted the bottom and top half of my hair (my hair is quite thin). I then proceeded to separate and curl the bottom section, until it was all done as show in the picture below.

I then repeated the process on the top until my hair was curled to perfection and I was looking like a short haired Goldilocks as shown below.

I love the pearl wand, I love the girly floral design on the handle of the wand, it's so easy to use, it's inexpensive, even at full price.  Definitely a must have!!

I've enclosed a link to Tescos website for their current offer of the product.

Lots of love vanillabeans xoxo

Friday, February 21

My Bargain Spree

Well yesterday I decided to spend the last of my money before payday on a wee bargain spree!  So below is a wee collage of what I bought!

1.  Bobby pins and bobbles from Primark at £1 each, nothing exciting but a staple in any girls hair accessory box
2. P.S. Love Lip Stain by Primark at £1.50 - I tried this today and it is absolutely gorgeous on, its just like applying a felt tip pen to your lips, really easy and the colour is lush.  The colours don't have names but the one I bought is like a bright coral pink.
3.  MUA eye brow pencil in Blonde at £1 available from Superdrug, using a lighter shade than the normal brown I go for I was able to create a soft eye brow shape, which is brilliant for me as I don't suit harsh eyebrows.
4.  LASH false lash applicator at £1.66 from Superdrug.  This is now being discontinued the lady in the shop said so rush to your nearest Superdrug and pick one of these up at the discounted price.  Its been designed to hold your strip eyelash to make it easier to apply!! Genius invention!
5.  Gorgeous floral cami for £4 and blue maxi skirt with front slit £3 (down from £8) both from Primark!  Absolutely gorgeous bargains!
Click on my YouTube link to find out what skin care product I am going to be reviewing from tonight and to hear a little bit more about my shopping trip and items bought!

Liebster Award!

Well I've been nominated for a Liebster by the lovely Jade (check her out at  So now what I need to do is tell you a bit about myself and answer the questions she has set me!  So here goes!
11 Facts about me!

1.  I have two children, a son called Jacob who's nearly 4 and a daughter called Pippa who is 8 weeks
2.  I hate nuts, of any kind!
3.  I'm a control freak, although I deny this to everyone else!
4.  I want a handbag dog
5.  My dream is to become a personal stylist
6.  Whenever I find an expensive outfit that I really must have I Ebay first to see if I can find it cheaper!
7.  Attending a fashion show is my dream..........and I'm doing it on Sat 23rd Feb!
8.  I would rather have a cheeky G 'n' T than a glass of champagne!
9.  I would hate to turn up wearing the same outfit as my friend on a night out!
10.  I hate how I look, my teeth, my nose, my forehead lol! I hate it all!
11.  I get a rush when I go clothes shopping................this is how I know I'm addicted!!
The Questions I was asked!
1.  Who is your favourite band/artist?
I love Ed Sheeran! His lyrics are amazing

2.  Who is the person that influences you most?
Cringey, but my mum! And then after that Victoria Beckham, loved her in the Spice Girls and still love her now

3.  What is your favourite makeup brand?
I'm a Rimmel girl! But also love Maxfactor and MUA

4.  Do you prefer Powder, liquid or mousse foundation?I prefer liquid foundations, I have dry skin sometimes so find that liquid suits my skin type better

5.  Why did you originally start blogging?
I'm on maternity leave and needed something to keep me occupied. I always wanted to blog but this was the push I needed!

6.  Who is your favourite blogger?
I'm loving Velvetgh0st - she's a beauty youtube blogger but she's brilliant.  Also love Tanya Burr and Lily Melrose

7.  Would you ever get a tattoo or what is your first tattoo?
I have two tattoo's, first one was on my hip with Adele "Someone Like You" lyrics, and the second is on the side of my wedding hand and says True Love with two hearts (and 1 week after having it I met my boyfriend!! Meant to be I would say!)

8.  What is your fashion style? (i.e. Indie, rock, chic...)
I found this a hard question, I have a mixed style, whatever I like the look of I'll buy, whether its indie style, Essex style lol

9.  Do you Moisturize every night?
I'm a beauty criminal lol! I only really moisturise in the morning!

10. Have you ever had a bad experience with hair straighteners?
Not really but I remember before the days of GHD's that my hair used to take 1 1/2 hours to straighten! I do hate when your trying to curl with straighteners and you get that line in your hair! lol

11. Would you rather give up makeup or fashion?
Make up.....although I can't leave the house without make-up I could never give up fashion!
I nominate and all you have to do is state 11 things about yourself, answer the questions below and then nominate 11 bloggers with 200 followers or less:

My 11 questions for you are:
1.  What is your all time favourite beauty product or fashion item?
2.  If you could bring back any band/artist from the past who would it be (dead or alive)?
3.  Name one thing on your bucket list ? (a thing to do before you die)
4.  What is your dream job?
5.  If you could take one thing to a desert island what would it be?
6.  What is your guilty pleasure?
7.  If you could blog about anything other than what you do, what would it be?
8.  What is your favourite sweet?
9.  What is your favourite high street shop
10.  What item have you discovered that is cheap as chips and is now a must have for you?
11.  Lastly, What is your pet hate?
Have fun Vanillabeans! I loved getting to discover new bloggers, and hopefully friends!

Wednesday, February 19

Pretty As A Flower

Well this seasons key print definitely is the daisy print, or sunflower, and there are loads of options hitting our high streets or solely online retailers.  The great news is that the daisy print is also making itself a versatile little flower so it allows itself to fit perfectly into any wardrobe, not just the girly girl one.  Below are a few of my favourites from a selection of retailers, there were so many I struggled to choose but if I hadn't this blog would have been about 50 pages long with all the images lol! Just remember to really search for this must have print!
Sunflower dress £20.00

         Daisy Print Collar Top £14.99     

    Flatform Trainers £14.99
Daisy Wellies £15     
Sunflower 1/2 sleeve dress £19.99
    Daisy Bracelet £3.00

 Blue graphic daisy mini skirt £25
  Awena Oversized  Blouse £22.99           

  Jimena Print Trousers £19.99
MY FAVOURITE! Swing Cami £14

Motel Jumpsuit £18 (was £60!!!)


New Look at ASOS Daisy Dress £17.99             

Sheer Daisy Jersey £18

 RI at ASOS Daisy Shift Dress £40


Tuesday, February 18

My Big Fat London Fashion Weekend Outfit!!

Well London fashion week is engulfing the media, and London fashion weekend is fast approaching for me, and I am soooo excited!! This is my first time attending and so I was unsure of what to wear, so I thought subtle glam would be the best option, whilst showing off a couple of key trends.  

Clothes and Shoes and Bag
    Topshop lace back jumpsuit £60.00 (ebay bargain for me though at £35!!)
    River Island Pink Bag £20 (in sale!!), New Look Monochrome Heels £19.99

Hair and Make-Up
I think a simple bun is all that's needed for this outfit
I love Cara Delevingne's make up, the eyes especially and think the splash of colour on the lips would tie in great with my bag!
Would love to hear your thoughts!! Or if your a fellow blogger attending, would love to see/hear what you're wearing!!

Monday, February 17

Bourjois Intuitive Eye Liner Review

One word, ok maybe three, OH MY GOD!! I am totally in love with this eyeliner.  Up until now I've pretty much been an eyeliner virgin! I've dabbled the odd bit but usually find that I can't get the technique right and so I just give up, and I only use a little underneath my eye rather than on my eyelid. The Bourjois Intuitive Liner has been designed using the art technique of pointillisme. You create a guide line of dots using the three pronged eyeliner before using the side of one of the prongs to create an intense black line and desired flick if wanted.

Ok, it took me a couple of attempts to get right, but I am a complete novice, and of course with most things my first eye was looking a little better than the second eye, but the eye liner was so easy to use I just kept improving when applying, removing and then reapplying.  I did find at one point there was a little bit that hadn't dried so it did make a mark on my upper eyelid but this was easily removed with a baby wipe!! All in all I give this eyeliner 5/5 and can't wait to use it again......the boyfriend was loving the sultry flick action going on!!

Here is a link to watch my tutorial on YouTube......remember I am an eyeliner beginner!!

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Thursday, February 13

Bikini Heaven Hotspot
Bubbless Customised Bikinis by JennaSta

Although I may not be bikini ready there are plenty of you blog readers who are and so as a special treat especially for you bikini babes I am introducing bubbless bikinis!! These bikinis are amazing and so unique, as soon as I clicked on to the website my wish list grew and grew, I have the freedom to choose different colours and styles and the options are endless!!

These bikinis have definitely been designed with the aim to make you stand out from the crowd! I love that Bubbless also give you the option to choose a bikini style but customise and tweak it to make it a one of a kind piece especially for you!!

Bubbless also love for their customers to play a part by uploading pictures of themselves showing of their amazing bikinis, I for one would be the first to upload my picture to make all my friends jealous of my one of kind bikini!!

Because every bikini is made to order you do have to get your orders in 3 weeks before required and delivery can take a maximum of 15 days but considering you will be getting a one of a kind masterpiece I don't think this is a problem!!

The above gorgeous bikini is £50 and available in sizes 8-10, 10-12 and 12-14
The above Bow Bikini is available in a variety of colours, sizes Small to Large, comes with top, plain bottoms and detachable straps.................all for an amazing £25.00! I'm getting one in every colour at this price!!
So happy shopping at girlies!! Let me know what gorgeous bikinis you have ordered on my facebook page

How to get in touch with Bubbless:
@Jsbubbless(on twitter)
#Jsbubbless (on Instagram)
/Jsbubbless (on Facebook)


Wednesday, February 12

My Must Have Bags

Well this post is a photo-tastic post of delicious must have bags!! So without further a do here are my must have bags:

1.  The Megan Patent Clutch in Lilac by Missguided at £14.99, bang on trend in a pastel colour. Perfect for those colourful spring and summer nights we will soon be having........fingers crossed!!

2. Satchel Bag With Scallop Bar Detail in Nude by ASOS at £30.00, this bag would complete any casual day outfit but would also be a great work bag, plenty of space inside and also comes in mint or conker (brown).

3. Suede Backed Tote Bag in Duck Egg by Topshop at £36.00, absolutely in love with this bag, not only for the colour but the size (H:34cm W:27cm), I am a big bag lover, the more crap I can fill my bag with the better......maybe the reason why my bag hurts after a long shopping trip!!

4. Fluno Oil Painting Cross Body Bag by Ted Baker at £109, ok so this bag is at the pricier end of my budget but I love anything my Ted Baker! The floral pattern just screams summertime to me, I can't wait to pair this with jeans, a white vest top and blazer!!

5. Orange Chain Trim Bowler Bag by River Island at £37.00, orange is this years red! So inject a bit of colour into your bag wardrobe with this gorgeous bowler!!

6. Black Patent Trim Tote Bag by New Look at £19.99, monochrome is another big trend this year and this bag is perfect at only £19.99

7.  Gendreu Blue Handbag by Silvian Heach available at at £25.00, another key season colour is cobalt blue and I think this bag is a little gem, it's also available in pink, orange and cream.

8. Pink Premium Quilted Panel Mini Tote Bag by River Island at £70.00, I fell in love with this bag as soon as I saw it, it just screams class and sophistication and girlyness!! If you get this you will be pretty in pastel pink all summer long!

So what is your favourite out of the 8 above?? Leave your comment below!!

Tuesday, February 11

Bikini ready......I am not!!!

Each year passes quicker which means that after stuffing my belly with Christmas food (or in my case being 9 months pregnant with my latest addition) I have less time to get bikini ready!! So I've decided that I am going to use my blog and my blog readers to get me going and keep me motivated!!  Every couple of days I will post my latest weight, what exercises I've been doing and every week or so a fresh picture in the same outfit so you can also see my progress.......hopefully there will be some!!

I believe that everyone needs to be happy within themselves, it doesn't matter if everyone else thinks you look ok, if you don't think you do you will never be happy.  I've decided that I have commitment issues when it comes to the gym and so I've searched the net for easy at home things I can do to keep in shape, I'm not looking to have an Elle McPherson body, I just want to be slightly more toned!!

I came across skinny fat girl diary and it is brilliant. So my first work out from them is 15 minute flat belly workout and the only equipment I need is..........a tea towel, yes a kitchen tea towel!! 

Firstly I have to tighten up my love handles. This is how to do it: To start, take the towel behind your head and tug on both sides. Then take a grand pliĆ© position and touch your elbow to the inside of your thigh (you must touch it!), switching from the right to the left. Keep your back as flat as possible as you touch each side 10 times.

Next, it’s the balancing act and I do this by: Take the towel in both hands, make a flat back, extend your arms and left leg until they are perfectly parallel to the ground. After you gain your balance, pull your arms in towards the center of your body while bending your extended leg to meet them. Then, extend your leg and arms back to the “T” position without touching the floor. Do this six times with each leg. 
Last in the series is the “Scissor Stretch.” Lay on the ground and kick your leg up, making a scissor shape. Take the towel behind your extended legs and grab from both sides. Pull your shoulder blades off the floor and do 25 tiny isolated crunches or pulses. Switch legs and repeat. For a more challenging workout, lift your lower leg a couple inches off the ground.

Starting Weight as of: 9 stone 12 lbs.       Target Weight: 9 stone 4lb

But what I want to know from my blog readers is what are your tips to getting fit and staying fit?  So please comment below and I will try some of your exercises out and blog about them!!  I can't wait!!  Bikini body here I come!!!


Sunday, February 9

Introducing.......Style Loft
Style Loft
Individuality For The Fashion Conscious

I love when I'm online and I come across a brand new online store that none of my friends have heard of and they only have a few of each item for sale.  I love to have unique outfits when I'm out with my friends, and this is what Style Loft offers.  They only stock a specially selected amount of outfits and when they are gone they are gone, but this is brilliant because it means I will be uniquely styled and not walking around in a generic outfit from the usual high street store!!

Style Loft are a brand new online store and promise to keep us looking great without us having to take out a credit card or increase our overdraft! They become more like your wee online shopping family by offering the best in customer service, always really friendly and helpful and forever wanting to hear what items you would like to see on their site, they very much are the people pleasing  online retailer.

To check out this amazing retailer and their intimate collection of items go to  .  Their items will not disappoint, and neither will their prices, why stop at buying just one amazing new outfit when you could buy so many more at the prices they are charging!!

Below is a gallery of my wish list (so far) from Style Loft.  

                            Lottie Collar Dress £22          Basketball Top £14

                            Red Jumpsuit £24                  Suzi Glitz Sweater £22

                           Alyce Floral Playsuit £20     Rosey Wet Look Swing Dress £15

                                              Lola Crop Top £15/Josey Leggings £13