Tuesday, February 11

Bikini ready......I am not!!!

Each year passes quicker which means that after stuffing my belly with Christmas food (or in my case being 9 months pregnant with my latest addition) I have less time to get bikini ready!! So I've decided that I am going to use my blog and my blog readers to get me going and keep me motivated!!  Every couple of days I will post my latest weight, what exercises I've been doing and every week or so a fresh picture in the same outfit so you can also see my progress.......hopefully there will be some!!

I believe that everyone needs to be happy within themselves, it doesn't matter if everyone else thinks you look ok, if you don't think you do you will never be happy.  I've decided that I have commitment issues when it comes to the gym and so I've searched the net for easy at home things I can do to keep in shape, I'm not looking to have an Elle McPherson body, I just want to be slightly more toned!!

I came across skinny fat girl diary and it is brilliant. So my first work out from them is 15 minute flat belly workout and the only equipment I need is..........a tea towel, yes a kitchen tea towel!! 

Firstly I have to tighten up my love handles. This is how to do it: To start, take the towel behind your head and tug on both sides. Then take a grand pliĆ© position and touch your elbow to the inside of your thigh (you must touch it!), switching from the right to the left. Keep your back as flat as possible as you touch each side 10 times.

Next, it’s the balancing act and I do this by: Take the towel in both hands, make a flat back, extend your arms and left leg until they are perfectly parallel to the ground. After you gain your balance, pull your arms in towards the center of your body while bending your extended leg to meet them. Then, extend your leg and arms back to the “T” position without touching the floor. Do this six times with each leg. 
Last in the series is the “Scissor Stretch.” Lay on the ground and kick your leg up, making a scissor shape. Take the towel behind your extended legs and grab from both sides. Pull your shoulder blades off the floor and do 25 tiny isolated crunches or pulses. Switch legs and repeat. For a more challenging workout, lift your lower leg a couple inches off the ground.

Starting Weight as of: 9 stone 12 lbs.       Target Weight: 9 stone 4lb

But what I want to know from my blog readers is what are your tips to getting fit and staying fit?  So please comment below and I will try some of your exercises out and blog about them!!  I can't wait!!  Bikini body here I come!!!


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