Saturday, February 8

Along Came Betty........And I Love Her

Ok so I'm a sucker for old Hollywood glamour and I am the girl and blogger that falls for lush packaging and gimmicks, so when I was doing my weekly shop and came across a brand new beauty range and it was all half priced I filled up my trolley!!!

Tescos have designed Along Came Betty beauty range and I'm their biggest fan, I'm even more obsessed now the range is expanding! They have designed moisturisers, tan, make up, scrubs and everything else you could possibly need to make your beauty routine complete.

I love their fake fan (Tan You Tell)  instantly I am a glowing goddess......ok I'm just glowing but I feel like a goddess, life really is better with a tan!!  It's packed with Aloe Vera and moisturisers and so I find it lasts longer and when it does begin to fade, granted you should body butter yourself up everyday, I find it fades evenly, unlike previous tans where I have patches on my neck, arms and just look a mess. You get all this for the bargain price of £4.99.
I could list all the Along Came Betty products I own but I will just tell you about a couple as I can't find negatives about any of their products so I recommend them all!

Once a week I use the ACB 15 minute Detox Mask.  I clear my skin of all make up and badness and put on this gorgeous mask, within a few minutes my face is stuck and unable to speak for fear of cracking the mask, much to the relief of my boyfriend as he finally has peace and quiet and he can steal the remote without me moaning......only death stares through the mask!! After chillaxing for 15 minutes I remove the mask with warm water and a cloth and my skin is instantly smooth.  I love how this clears my skin of impurities  and  always use this a week before I have a big night out so my skin can recover and be clear for the weekend.  Another wonder product for only £5.49!!


For someone like me with uneven skin tone I love to use a BB cream and ACB has a perfect one .  I can wear this during the week without foundation on too because it just works so well to give me an even skin tone.  And an added bonus is that it has SPF15 protection perfect for when the UK finally gets a summer and that sun is beaming down on us!!  Normally £5.49 but currently on offer for £3.66

ACB are also branching out into make up and have lovely make up products, foundation, eyebrow cream/eye shadows and some lovely nail polishes!! 

All of the products smell lovely, and after the tan has been washed off (I always wash my tans off after the developing period as I find they all have a "tan" smell to them and its not the most attractive thing to be smelling all night long),  I don't smell any evidence of it, which I love.

All can be found at Tescos and all I would say is grab ACB now, they quite often have offers on the products/sales and this is when I really stock up!! I would recommend you buy the headband, it's adorable, if anything it will keep you looking cute when your face mask is on!! So keep looking beautiful......1950s style!!  - offers are currently running on some of the ACB products and gift sets.

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