Tuesday, February 25

Remington Pearl Wand

Hi guys, well after seeing another beauty bloggers YouTube video I dashed out to my local tescos to pick up the amazing Remington Pearl Wand! I knew it was meant to be by the £15 off sign that Tescos were parading in front of me, and the fact that there was only one left on the shelf was also another pretty big sign!!

I used the wand first thing this morning and it did not disappoint!! It was so easy to use, 30 second heat up time and I protected my "wrapping around hand" with the glove that came with it.  After blow drying and spraying on Label M protein spray I parted the bottom and top half of my hair (my hair is quite thin). I then proceeded to separate and curl the bottom section, until it was all done as show in the picture below.

I then repeated the process on the top until my hair was curled to perfection and I was looking like a short haired Goldilocks as shown below.

I love the pearl wand, I love the girly floral design on the handle of the wand, it's so easy to use, it's inexpensive, even at full price.  Definitely a must have!!

I've enclosed a link to Tescos website for their current offer of the product.


Lots of love vanillabeans xoxo

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