Sunday, February 9

Introducing.......Style Loft
Style Loft
Individuality For The Fashion Conscious

I love when I'm online and I come across a brand new online store that none of my friends have heard of and they only have a few of each item for sale.  I love to have unique outfits when I'm out with my friends, and this is what Style Loft offers.  They only stock a specially selected amount of outfits and when they are gone they are gone, but this is brilliant because it means I will be uniquely styled and not walking around in a generic outfit from the usual high street store!!

Style Loft are a brand new online store and promise to keep us looking great without us having to take out a credit card or increase our overdraft! They become more like your wee online shopping family by offering the best in customer service, always really friendly and helpful and forever wanting to hear what items you would like to see on their site, they very much are the people pleasing  online retailer.

To check out this amazing retailer and their intimate collection of items go to  .  Their items will not disappoint, and neither will their prices, why stop at buying just one amazing new outfit when you could buy so many more at the prices they are charging!!

Below is a gallery of my wish list (so far) from Style Loft.  

                            Lottie Collar Dress £22          Basketball Top £14

                            Red Jumpsuit £24                  Suzi Glitz Sweater £22

                           Alyce Floral Playsuit £20     Rosey Wet Look Swing Dress £15

                                              Lola Crop Top £15/Josey Leggings £13

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