Thursday, February 6

I Just Have To Have These......All Of These

Well this post is all about my must haves for this season....and it's a long list lol.  It's a mainly picture post and I'm including items you can buy when your splashing and the cash and items you can buy when your gathering together the pennies in your purse!!

I am loving these!! It's like a mini skirt without the chance of you revealing your "fairy" lol. So even if you happen to fall over ridiculously drunk on a night out.....don't worry, your dignity is intact.....somewhat.
                        £17.99 Missguided                                £22.00

A wardrobe staple. These will come back into fashion time and time never throw them out!!
     £40.00  Topshop                                   £17.00 Primark (white jumpsuit)

If you want to combine two of my must haves in one, get yourself a monochrome print item! Black and white are a classic combination so again will never go out of fashion
     £24.99 Missguided                                 £35.00 River Island

Statement jewellery!!
I'm a costume jewellery girl, I think I own a couple of nice expensive pieces (and the rest of my stuff is all big glam items

   £35.00        £13.50 Topshop

Prints (I'm big into geometric prints)
 Prints come in and out of fashion but you should never throw a print item out, if anything they make a boring outfit an amazing outfit, pair a printed t-shirt with ordinary jeans to make a boring or a printed dress to make you stand out
Only £20 in sale

Only £11 in sale ASOS


  1. Luv the skorts I was lookin at these the other they take me bk 2 my youth think u have just persuaded me 2 buy sum :-) x

  2. They remind me of culottes that we wore as kids lol xx