Monday, February 17

Bourjois Intuitive Eye Liner Review

One word, ok maybe three, OH MY GOD!! I am totally in love with this eyeliner.  Up until now I've pretty much been an eyeliner virgin! I've dabbled the odd bit but usually find that I can't get the technique right and so I just give up, and I only use a little underneath my eye rather than on my eyelid. The Bourjois Intuitive Liner has been designed using the art technique of pointillisme. You create a guide line of dots using the three pronged eyeliner before using the side of one of the prongs to create an intense black line and desired flick if wanted.

Ok, it took me a couple of attempts to get right, but I am a complete novice, and of course with most things my first eye was looking a little better than the second eye, but the eye liner was so easy to use I just kept improving when applying, removing and then reapplying.  I did find at one point there was a little bit that hadn't dried so it did make a mark on my upper eyelid but this was easily removed with a baby wipe!! All in all I give this eyeliner 5/5 and can't wait to use it again......the boyfriend was loving the sultry flick action going on!!

Here is a link to watch my tutorial on YouTube......remember I am an eyeliner beginner!!

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