Friday, February 28

Payday Treats......Well Some Of Them

Feels like ages since I posted a blog, unfortunately the kiddies have been keeping me busy, but on Wednesday it was payday so I thought I would show you the first of my buys! I will also do a YouTube post so you can see the items "in the flesh" so keep an eye on my twitter (sliceofvanilla1) for the link!! I will also be running a competition shortly so keep your eyes peeled!!

All of my clothes are from Missguided.  I do love a Missguided spending spree when payday arrives!! I bought two skirts, a jumper and a Bardot style bodysuit. I love the skirts because I can wear them to work when I return as well. The pastel purple skirt is great because it incorporates two trends, pastels and sports luxe. The white stripe down the side of the skirt really adds a sports feel to it, it takes you back to the days where people counted how many stripes were on your track suit to see how much money you had lol! But gone are the days of two or three stripes, one is all you need now!!  I also bought a gorgeous lilac cropped jumper, I'm loving lilac at moment, even my nails are lilac! and a classic Bardot bodysuit will be great for summer time or to glam up a skirt!

  Lerine Midi Skirt £12.99                        Virgilla Mesh Midi Skirt £14.99

Berte Cropped Jumper £16.99                 Dominica Bardot Bodysuit £6.49

I also bought myself a couple of cosmetic goodies, I had been reading about Maybelline's Better Skin foundation and I had a test of this at LFWE so I decided to buy some in Light Beige, its so easy to apply and suits my skin colour perfectly.  I also bought a new Rimmel Blusher in colour 010 Santa Rose, I found my bright pink one to be a little OTT for the days I just wanted a subtle glow, its a bronze/orange tinted colour, which I feel suits my skin tone a lot better that a bright pink, it also helps to contour my face.  I bought both from Tescos.  But can be bought from any cosmetic retailer, Boots, Superdrug etc. 
  Maybelline Better Skin £8.99                     Rimmel Santa Rose blusher £3.99
 (variety of shades available)

The last thing from this payday spending spree was a new fake tan! Everyone knows I'm a huge fan of Along Came Betty tan from Tescos, but I haven't been able to get my hands on it for 2 months! So whilst browsing the shelves I came along Paradise Miracle Tan which has been exclusively designed for Tescos.  Its priced at £5.99.  I've yet to use this but will do a review on it when I do at the weekend.  It's a gradual tan lotion that's meant to give you an all year round we will see if it does! (Only available in store)

Paradise Miracle Tan Lotion £5.99

Getting Spending Vanillabeans!

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