Tuesday, February 4

Natural with a pop of pink!!

Well this is my first make up post!! Eeek!! Well if you've read my other posts you will know that I am as pale as a milk bottle so unfortunately if I overdo my make up I look like a........well a drag queen!! No word of a lie! I can't wear 5 pairs of eyelashes or foundation that needs removed with a shovel, I need a natural-ish look with pops of drama or colour here and there, not full on drama......maybe it's just because I need professional tutoring in how to apply make up in a non tranny fashion!! Lol

Well the first thing you should know is that I'm a Rimmel London girl through and through. I cannot get enough of Rimmel and it seems to suit my make up style brilliantly.

Firstly I started by applying Rimmel 25hours Lasting Finish in Classic Beige 201, this foundation is a god send especially when Mother Nature hits and my skin is anything but blemish free!!

Next I did my mascara using my new favourite mascara Rimmel Glam Eyes Lash Flirt Volume and Lift Mascara in 003 Kohl Black, I applied this to my lashes a couple of times, I find I have small eyes so if I go OTT on my eye make up they look closed, plus I think if I'm making a statement with my lips I want my eyes to be natural.

The next thing to do is my eyebrows and by god do I hate doing them, again I seem to have been neglected when they were handing out eyebrows so all you gorgeous girls out there with sculpted eyebrows that are thick and lush......I hate you, ok well I envy you, you lucky cows!! But I have discovered Divaderme BrowExtender in Chocolate! It's tiny little fibres in a bottle that cling to your natural eyebrow hairs to help give a fuller look rather than having to use a pencil and it works, ok I still don't have Cara Delevingne brows but it's better than looking like I have none and was shaved as some cruel prank!!

The last finishing touches are cheeks and lips.  I sometimes think if I was stranded on a desert island and forced to take only one make up item it might have to be blusher, everything just seems to be better when I wear blusher! And once again I turn to Rimmel and use Lasting Finish Soft Colour Blush in 050 Live Pink, but if your not a pink girl I find that using your bronzer on a natural face adds a glow.

My most recent make up purchase was Barry M's lip paint in 140 Pink Sparkle normally I'm a lipgloss girl but with all the gorgeous pinks and purples floating around I gave in and bought a pink lippy! It really is gorgeous, and my lips feel conditioned all day long! They never feel dried out which is rare for me because I have a pout like Julia Roberts lol!


  1. I love all the pink lipcolours around at the moment! they are perfect for spring aren't they? I love Barry M products they are really pigmented and really reasonably priced. xxxx

    Laura | Tease Flutter Pout

  2. Barry M are amazing! I was on their website the other day and was buying every c l lour available in pink. Love a gorgeous girly pink xxx