Friday, March 21

Nucerity: Skincerity Review

Well a few weeks ago I got sent a gorgeous skin are product by NuCerity called Skincerity, Nightly Breathable Masque.  The mask is used to tone and tighten skin along with helping to reduce lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores and redness of the skin. This miracle option also helps dry and damaged skin, so perfect for those beauty queens that abuse the sun beds!

Acetone, Flouropolymer, Acrylic polymer, Tocopherol Acetate (Vitamin E), Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Oil, Fragrance.

The review:
I applied this last night to my freshly cleansed face. You simply use the bottle like a roll on deodorant and apply all over your face (can be applied to any area needing repaired though such as arms, chest etc), be careful near your eyes.  
             Fresh Face                              Application
When applying the smell does overpower you a bit, it isn't unpleasant though, it just smells like nail polish remover, and this is due to it containing Acetone, but this disappeared in seconds!  Within a minute my face was feeling wonderfully tight, barely able to move my mouth my boyfriend found this hilarious. But all I knew is that it felt like it was working.
    Finished face (you can see the shine from the masque)

When I woke up this morning the masque had dried and it was easy to start peeling off, I removed most of it with warm water and a face cloth. My skin was so soft and smooth underneath.  So I have vowed to keep this part of my daily skin are routine and will apply it every night.

Overall I give this product 8/10 only because 1. The acetone smell. 2. I need to keep it up to see the results.

If you wish to try this amazing product for yourself click on the link:

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