Wednesday, March 12

Review: Illegal Length Fibre Extensions Mascara

Well the bargainista strikes again! I found this gorgeous product on sale and you know me, if it's on sale I've gotta have it!!

The Maybelline Illegal Length Fibre Extensions Mascara is instant lash extension effect in a tube, it uses 4mm fibres to attach to your own lashes to create this effect. The specially designed fibre fix brush "reaches each lash from a different angle for optimal fibre placement and the sealing formula visibly stretches lash appearance".

I removed my normal mascara today using a facial wipe to reveal my natural lashes so I had a blank canvas to work on.

The packaging said that I should not let the mascara dry between coats, so I applied to one set of lashes and then the next, I repeated this a further two times. It was really easy to apply and when I got some on my eyelids it was easily removed with a facial wipe, no need to really scrub, I'm a bit of easy mascara applier lol!  The results are below:

Opinion: I really like this mascara, I did find it clumped my lashes slightly but simply using an eyelash comb I think would solve this issue, plus my eyelashes are slightly wrecked from when I pulled off my false individual lashes - a tip to you all use some cotton wool and baby oil to do this, do not get tempted the morning after the night before to just rip these off when lying in bed with bf and a few are falling out lol! I think my lashes look a lot fuller and longer after applying the mascara and I'm sure teamed with some individual lashes I would be party ready.

Overall: 8/10 for this quick false lash effect fix!
Can be bought from a variety of retailers from approx. £4.49 upwards.

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